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We’re Open for Care

Children’s Choice Open for Essential Dental Care During COVID-19 Crisis.
During this unprecedented global pandemic and healthcare crisis, Children’s Choice Dental Care is committed to providing essential dental care to children in the communities we serve. We understand the fears and challenges that many face as the coronavirus outbreak evolves in our communities. There are many unknowns during this time, but we know that the strength of our communities is reflected in how we continue to care for each other during this time.

The health of our communities and care teams are our top priorities and mission. Many of our underserved children and communities have limited care resources and options for care, especially during this crisis. We are committed to bridging the gap in emergency oral care with our Choice community partners. Children’s Choice offers comprehensive pediatric dental care, and during this crisis, our providers and care teams are committed to supporting our local healthcare community. Select Choice locations are open for emergency dental care so patients with emergency dental needs can receive critical care without stretching the capacity of our hospitals and healthcare partners.

Children’s Choice Dental Care proudly supports our local food banks, Chambers of Commerce, and other organizations to help improve the health of the communities in which we serve. As a community partner, we want to strengthen our partnership with your organization as well.

If you have young patients who have an emergency dental need, we are here as a referral partner. We accept all insurance, including Denti-Cal/Medi-Cal Dental. We see infants, children, teens, and those with special needs.

At Children’s Choice, we take great pride in improving the health of our communities by giving back and getting involved! We provide outreach and charitable care in a number of ways:

  • Choice community partnerships
  • local community support
  • donations and sponsorships
  • pro-bono care
  • foreign humanitarian work

Choice Community Partnerships

Children’s Choice is proud of our strong partnership with community organizations and schools in our communities. We collaborate through:

  • Sponsorships and donations to public and school events
  • Oral Health Presentations
  • Oral Health Assessments
  • and more!

Children’s Choice Dental Care proudly partners with the community to raise money for schools or organizations through a fundraiser called “Dental Day.” Children are seen by Children’s Choice dentists for preventive care such as exams, cleanings, sealants, fluoride treatments, and x-rays. Net proceeds from Dental Day are donated directly to the school and/or organization in compliance with federal regulations.

If you would like to have our Choice teams participate in your community event, contact us at communityoutreach@mychildrenschoice.com and request a Choice Community Partner Kit.