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Surprising Ways We Can Help Set Up Your Kids for Success

2020 has been a rough year for many of us, especially students and their parents.

Back to school season has always been bittersweet…budgeting for supplies and school clothes, making sure all the admission paperwork is in order, and ensuring your child is comfortable and prepared for a new grade. It’s all proof that being a parent is even more work than a full-time job!

This school year is even more demanding with your children remote learning at home. While it’s nice to spend quality time with our kiddos, distance learning at home comes with its fair share of challenges.

Issues like a lagging internet can impact their school schedule. And making sure they’re supervised, fed, and staying on track throughout the day puts a strain on your work schedule.

The good news is, you don’t have to do it all on your own!

At Children’s Choice, we want to assist with more than just California kids dental care. Our patients are family, and as you know, family should be supported in every way possible.

We recognize how far a little support can go for parents and students, especially during the era of remote learning. That’s why we’ve revamped things to not only help ensure your kids stay healthy, but that they’re able to learn and grow every day.

Here are some ways we plan to support your children in distance learning this year.

Free Wi-Fi in Every Clinic

Reliable Wi-Fi is the key to starting off remote learning on the right foot. Sometimes high quality Wi-Fi can be expensive. And even when you have it, it can be unreliable.

We’re offering free Wi-Fi at every clinic for parents and their students. Feel free to show up early for your appointment so your children can finish up their homework or review a lesson. You can use that time to check emails, too. Multi-tasking for the win!

Free School Supplies

Stickers after a kids’ dentist appointment are fun, but we have something even better: fun and free school supplies!

After their appointment, your child gets to choose a prize for being such an awesome patient. Prizes includes a selection of pencils, notebooks, colored pencils, and other school necessities.

A Smile Resource Guide

Tired of screens? We don’t blame you!

We’ve created a handy Smile Resource Guide for you to take home. Skip the hours’ worth of Googling— you’ll have all the information you need to ensure your child’s teeth and gums stay healthy, all in one place.

The Smile Resource Guide also includes educational fun for your kids, like activity and color sheets that help them see the fun side of taking care of their teeth!

Other Resources to Support Remote Learning in California

We want to make sure your child’s distance learning is supported outside our offices, too! And as a busy parent, we would love to see you catch a well-needed break with some extra help.

Here are a few resources in California that can help you set your child up for success, so that their biggest worry is just passing their next math or spelling test.

Discount Internet

Many internet companies in California have made pricing adjustments to help more families get reliable internet access. If you qualify, you can receive internet access at huge discounts — sometimes even for free.

Frontier Communications, for example, offers phone service for as little as $7.95 a month, and internet with or without phone service for about $10 a month.

Find out if you qualify on Frontier’s website.

Free or Reduced Cost Child Care

If you’ve got to go into work rather than work remote, making sure your child is safe and sound is a top priority for you as a parent.

Various locations in the Ventura area and beyond are offering discounts, scholarships, or emergency childcare for the children of essential workers.

These include:

Each facility is a little different. Find the child care option closest to you, give them a call, and see which options are available. You might be surprised at how much help you can receive on a budget!


During COVID-19, your family’s health is more important than ever. Sign up for Medi-Cal to help insure you and for family for emergency and some long-term care at no cost to you.

You don’t need to be a US citizen or US national to apply for Medi-Cal. All you need is to meet the income requirements, while being sure to report any changes to your income throughout coronavirus.

Find out if you qualify and apply here >

Free Meals for Students

Most California school districts have set up a system to provide students in need with free meals for pick up. You can find a guide here with links to how to take advantage of this opportunity.

Some restaurants are offering free meals for students as well.

Ventura County Resources

Ventura County has compiled a list of resources for documented and undocumented residents alike in order to help families improve their quality of life. Some of these include:

We’re Here for You

You deserve all the help you can get helping your child grow up healthy, happy, and supported. It’s our mission to make sure that every child and parent who sets foot in our office feels this way.

We’re happy to share any resources we have, whether it be Wi-Fi, school supplies, or encouragement. All for the sake of seeing your child’s precious smile.

Now that you have the basics out of the way, don’t forget to enjoy the quality time with your family throughout the remote semester!

Enjoying quality time requires staying healthy, having fun and keeping kids engaged. Start with these ways to keep your kids busy and healthy at home >