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5 of the Most Addicting Apps That Make Brushing a Blast

There’s no doubt about it: kids love being entertained. Whether they’re playing pirate on the playground, creating a new world on Animal Farm, or trying out a new craft, the world is full of wonder for our kids — and they’re eager to explore every bit of it.

Sometimes, this hunger for excitement can make their more mundane tasks extra challenging — like brushing and flossing. How are they supposed to stand still and clean their teeth for a few minutes when there are toys and movies and books waiting for them?

But the truth is, your child’s oral hygiene begins at birth. Sure, they’ll lose their baby teeth eventually, but the condition of their baby teeth impacts how their permanent teeth will grow in.

That’s why it’s so important for your child to develop effective oral health routine early, by brushing twice a day for two minutes each time and flossing once a day.

Luckily, these tasks can be fun with a little creativity and support. And that’s what we’re here for!

Take a peek at these 5 tried and true apps that make brushing fun and effective for your kids.

When Should a Child Start Brushing Their Own Teeth?

First things first: You should start cleaning your baby’s teeth as soon as their first appears. If your baby’s teeth aren’t properly cared for, they can decay just like permanent teeth can.

Tooth decay can cause their teeth to rot and fall out early. Not only is this painful for children, but it can cause permanent teeth to grow in crooked. That can mean orthodontic work in the future that your child wouldn’t have needed otherwise.

While can start teaching your child healthy oral hygiene habits by helping them brush their teeth, it might be best to wait a few years before they do it on their own.

To brush and floss properly, kids need to develop fine motor skills. It’s best to wait to hand them the toothbrush until they’re around 6 years old so you can ensure it’s done properly and they’ve gained the skills they need to do it confidently.

Your kid’s dentist can help you determine when your kiddo is ready to brush and floss all on their own. Make sure to visit them at least twice a year.

Apps to Make Brushing Fun for Kids

Once your kiddos are ready for the brushing big leagues, you’ll want to make sure they’re brushing consistently and effectively. And for that to happen, it helps to make brushing fun.

Nagging your child doesn’t typically work, but these fun apps will! Make screen time productive with these downloadable tooth-friendly apps both parents and kids will love.

Toothsavers Brushing Game (Ages 4+)

In a magical land far, far away, an old witch became jealous of everyone else’s beautiful teeth. So she casts a spell where bacteria and other gross germs things would infest their mouths!

Your child’s job is to save the teeth of villagers by practicing top-notch brushing skills. The Toothsavers Brushing Game has 3 play settings:

Brush With Toothsavers

  • Your kids can destroy the bacteria in their own teeth by brushing for 2 minutes with fun Toothsavers characters, while the child narrator shares some brushing tips.

Play with Toothsaver

  • Your child will learn which directions to brush their teeth while swiping away bacteria from a character’s mouth on the screen.

Have Fun with a Friend

  • A setting where your child can brush along with family or friends!

As your child completes brushing challenges, they earn fun prizes like new character and accomplishment badges you can share on Facebook!

Video Calls with Tooth Fairy (Ages 4+)

Sure, your kid has become a video chat pro during social distancing by video dialing their grandparents, friends, and teachers. But have they gotten a call from the tooth fairy yet?

Losing a tooth can be scary for some kiddos. But with the Video Calls with Tooth Fairy, app you can help put your child’s mind at ease.

Once you download the app, you can choose a pre-recorded video of the tooth fairy so they can discuss everything from a loose tooth to brushing tips and more with the tooth fairy herself.

The tooth fairy will ask questions, and once your child answers, you can tap the screen for the fairy to keep talking — just like a real time video call experience!

Brush DJ (All Ages)

If your child loves to rock out, the Brush DJ app will help brushing their teeth become a party they look forward to every day.

Brush DJ is an award-winning app that makes brushing fun. It plays 2 minutes of any song your child chooses, so they can keep their eye off the timer and focus on brushing. They also get to choose the color settings to make their very own dance club in the bathroom!

Included in the app are quick and entertaining videos to give kids tips on the best brushing and flossing techniques. It also features notifications to let your child know when they should be brushing, and let you know when they’re due for a dentist visit.

Chomper Chums (Ages 4+)

What kid doesn’t love animals? Especially ones with big teeth like lions, horses, alligators!

With the Chomper Chums brushing app, kids get to brush their teeth for 2 minutes along with fun animated animals that give them tips on brushing, flossing, rinsing and more.

The fun animations with eye-catching colors keep kids entertained, while the full mouth view guides them through brushing every crevice of their teeth.

The more they brush, the more points they earn. And the more points they earn, the more healthy treats they can buy for their character!

Brush Up: Toothbrush Trainer (Ages 4+)

The Brush Up Toothbrush Trainer app combines the magic of music, selfies and imagination.

Kids will join Budd, the too-cool-for-school character with a love for oral hygiene, in his bathroom.

With the video feature, your child’s face will be projected on Budd’s magic mirror, so they can brush right alongside him.

Budd guides children through brushing their teeth by singing a catchy pop jam that not only helps them brush thoroughly, but teaches them the names of every tooth as they brush it.

It’s Never Too Early to Brush

Good oral hygiene is essential for your child’s health, and it begins at birth with you wiping your baby’s gums with a damp, warm towel after they nurse and eat.

As your child gets older, the responsibility to stay on top of brushing and flossing becomes theirs. you want to be sure they have the skills to do it right.

Making brushing fun helps kids focus on their brushing skills until it becomes a reflex. It can even make getting ready for school in the morning or for bed a night something they look forward to every day.

The fund doesn’t stop at apps, either. Here are more ways to make dental health fun at home >